UPDATED: August 2015

Career Pathfinder™ is an educational program in development. While the initial framework for the program was developed in 2009, this project has been placed on hold. And, although we’ve dedicated little time to further developing the concept in the years since, we remain passionate about the underlying theories and tools, and we are committed to ‘one day’ bringing this venture to life.

Should you have discovered this site through an interest in career development or a need for these services, we would love to speak with you. Perhaps with your input, the Career Pathfinder™ program will become a reality.

We look forward to hearing from you. You can contact me via e-mail (smcelligott@careerpathfinder.com.au) , or my mobile — 0405 159 041

The goal of Career Pathfinder™ is to give young people tools to help them think about career decisions. While Australian students as young as Year 9 are asked to make career-impacting decisions (HSC Subjects and TAFE), the necessary resources to help them make these decisions are simply not in place.

When I initially spoke with family and friends on this subject, I wanted to understand how students in Australia today are being counselled about careers. Sadly, it seems that not much has changed since I was in high school. Counselors or librarians are available to guide students who already have identified a career path, but whether or not that career is an appropriate choice, is left to the student’s judgment. For those with no idea about their future careers, there are published and online career guides, with which a student can ‘evaluate’ various careers.

“Come back when you think know what you want to do,” is not at all helpful, I can say from experience!

Perhaps I should share what motivated me to develop this program . . . For as long as I can remember, it was a given that I would attend university. I was smart. I was a good student. And, my well-meaning parents were determined that I be given the resources needed to pursue any career I wanted. Nevertheless, I had no idea what that career might be. Like many young people – then and now – admitting I was lost, was NOT an option . . . especially since some of my peers were (apparently) so confident about their career choices.

I was arguably lucky to have parents with deep pockets to finance my costly university education, because that first Bachelor’s degree was 5 declared majors, 3 universities, and 6 years in the making. 😉

Several jobs and a dozen years after university, I once again found myself considering careers, when a friend suggested I take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. That experience, I can say without exageration, was life changing.

Suddenly I started to think in terms of how I wanted to work, who I wanted to work with, and what I wanted my work to mean to me, when considering my options. I went back to the University of Southern California for an MBA (this time at MY expense), started a few successful businesses, and moved to Australia. In the years post-Myers Briggs, my career path has continued to be far from linear (and that is fine by me), but my career satisfaction has improved dramatically.

. . . which brings me, more or less, to Career Pathfinder™.

I don’t believe that finding a career should be a guessing game. Too many of us spend far too many months, years and decades in jobs and careers that simply do not work for us. It just doesn’t have to be that way. Career Pathfinder™ is focused on delivering valuable and actionable career evaluation tools to young Australians, BEFORE they make those significant decisions about jobs, careers, or advanced education.

We offer tools, the MBTI® and other instruments in combination with our in-house resources, that are vitally important in today’s highly competetive economic environment. We are excited about what we have to offer, and are eager to prove to YOU that timely career exploration can be an extremely rewarding process.

Whether you are a parent concerned with the choices your child is making (or perhaps dangerously avoiding), or a student struggling with a decision on an HSC course, a TAFE program, or what you might study at uni, the Career Pathfinder™ Program is a powerful, yet AFFORDABLE career discovery tool, that is unlike ANY other in Australia.

Our unique program includes not only the INFORMATION required to make more informed career decisions, but also an ongoing support network to improve the chances that this information leads to a positive, life impacting, PLAN OF ACTION. We very much look forward to sharing our program with you, and helping you or your child make better, more informed career development decisions.
Warm Regards,

Sean McElligott, Founder

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