The $50,000 Mistake YOU Can't Afford for Your Child to Make

Learn Why the Greatest Risk to Your Financially Secure Retirement is
an Empty Nest that Won't Remain Empty!

Today's unstable economic environment requires that every teenager masters career discovery skills that many Australian schools consistently fail to teach. Career Pathfinder™ provides a solution. Our Program uses the world's most scientifically researched career exploration tools to help your child better understand his or her drivers of career satisfaction. This enhanced self understanding can lead to a better career fit, and better performance in education. There is no better motivation for improving academic performance that knowing that there is a connection between what is being taught in the classroom, and the career goals of the young person. Our tools combined with on-line training, help make that connection!

The fact is that while all parents want the best for their children, most simply do not know how to advise their children about education and careers. Many parents think back on their own teenage years, and assume that career missteps are part of the process of growing up, but the job market and the economy have changed, and there is good reason to believe that the rules have changed forever!

Take a few minutes to read about the Career Pathfinder™ program and discover:
Why Your Teenager's Career Mistakes Will Cost YOU Big Time
The Worst (and Perhaps the Most Common) Advice Parents Can Give Their Children
'She'll be right,' is NOT a Career Plan!

Our headline "The $50,000 Mistake YOU Can't Afford for Your Child to Make," is intended to wake up parents and young people about the costs of career indecision. You might be tempted to argue about the cost of the mistake (I would suggest that the real cost is probably MUCH higher), but the threat is very real. The 'obvious' costs can be attributed to increased education expenses and delays in getting started in careers, but some of the other costs should cause us greater concern. Young people living at home and remaining dependent on mum and dad means that parents have fewer years to focus on their retirement needs. Combined with the trends of older first-time parents and single parent households, many parents risk potentially having to work longer, and/or supplement their post-retirement income. Naturally no parent wants to push their child out of the home before they are ready, but not preparing our children for productive and independent lives can be the most costly mistake we make as parents. Career Pathfinder™ focuses on developing career exploration skills early, enabling young people to make better decisions and minimise or avoid these costly mistakes.

We often hear young people repeating the advice they get from their parents, friends, and educators; we believe that while this advice is well intended, it is just plain wrong. When parents talk about the careers they want for their teenagers, we often hear them qualify careers in terms of employment prospects, advancement opportunities, earning potential, social recognition, and job security. Respected author on motivation, Daniel Pink [i] labels these attributes as extrinsic factors. By emphasizing these criteria, parents are focusing on what a career might do for their teenager. The research tells us however, that each of us finds most motivating, the work where we are intrinsically motivated by autonomy, mastery and purpose. This illustrates a huge disconnect between what parents are encouraging their teenagers to strive for, and what their teens actually need in terms of career satisfaction. This also teaches teens to use a narrowing strategy that could be highly detrimental to their career discovery process. By investigating only careers with high earning potential for example, teens may be discouraged from some adequately paid careers that could provide a very good fit. When they then apply a second, third and fourth extrinsic filter, it could very well mean that nothing of interest remains. Discouraged, teens may give up hope about success in career choice, and resign themselves to career paths that fail to meet either the extrinsic benchmarks, or their intrinsic self-fulfillment needs. By focusing on career discovery broadening strategies, Career Pathfinder™, teaches young people to focus on opportunities which satisfy our intrinsic needs -- opportunities which effectively become self-motivating. By focusing on the right opportunities, young people are better motivated, and more likely to excel. A win-win approach!

'She'll be right,' is NOT a Career Plan! Nevertheless, plenty of young people seem to take this approach. And surisingly, many parents are on board with this strategy. There are many variations on this theme, but they all have dangerous implications. By encouraging a "wait and see" career approach, parents unwittingly teach their children that they have little control over their destiny. This strategy is based on the important lesson, that life always surprises us with the unexpected -- a fact on which we can all agree. Taken to the extreme however, young people can embark on 'time-filling' exercises (education, travel, dues-paying jobs) that teach them nothing about the skills they need to deal with change. The Career Pathfinder™ Program focuses on short-term benefit based decision making because young people see the rewards, stay motivated, and develop plans that allow for adaptability and change, while maintaining a focus on responsibility and accountability.

[i] Pink, Daniel H., Drive : the surprising truth about what motivates us, 2009, Australian Publisher, Penguin Group

At Career Pathfinder™ our goal is to make a real difference in the lives of you and your child. We've developed a self-discovery program that focuses on building critical career and education evaluation skills. We've identified the world's most scientifically researched career exploration tools, and integrated them into a program that focuses on the needs of young Australians.

Our program includes powerful features: 1) world-class assessments: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®and the Strong Interest Inventory®; and 2) online and offline tools to help better understand these reports; which are both combined with 3) the unique Career Pathfinder for Young Australians™ (CPFYA™ ) Online Tutorial Program.

1) Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®: As part of our unique program, your child will be completing the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®). This isn't 'Myers Briggs - like,' it is the world renowned, gold standard of personality assessment tools -- the same tool used my nearly every major corporation, and more than two million people each year! Using an online assessment, comprised of 91 questions, statistically proven on validity and reliability scales, we will produce a custom 6-page assessment of your child.

Starting with this report and building on this content using our online training program, your teenager will gain an increased level of self awareness, and he or she will:

be able to use ‘type’ to positively improve communication skills;
have a framework to evaluate career options;
understand that some careers may provide a better ‘fit’ than othersunderstand that some careers may provide a better ‘fit’ than others;
know how to identify ways to use his or her unique personality attributes constructively.

Strong Interest Inventory®: While 'Psychological Type,' tells a great deal about the drivers of career satisfaction for your child, there is another significant piece of our unique program that draws a far more complete picture. We supplement the MBTI® with another world-class tool, the Strong Interest Inventory®.

The Strong Interest Inventory® contains 291 items that measure interests in a wide range of jobs, tasks, work activities, leisure activities, and hobbies. Your child's reported interests are compared to literally thousands of individuals who have reported being happy and successful in their jobs . . . and the database of jobs is continuously being updated with new economy careers in computer hardware and electronics, marketing and advertising, finance and accounting along with more traditional jobs.

Understanding the Strong Profile can help your teen identify a career focus and/or begin a career planning and exploration process.” Developed by experts by world renowned experts Judith Grutter, , M.S., NCC, MCC and Allen L. Hammer Ph.D, this report is more than the sum of the Strong Interest Inventory® and the MBTI®. It marries the two, and provides a deeper understanding of how these two highly researched career tools provide the deepest of insights.

These customised reports provide actionable information that can be used not only to explore career options, and/or support or bring into question career choices, but also to evaluate and assess education and training programs most suited to your child's interests and skills.

2) Verification of Type is an absolutely critical step in understanding MBTI® results, and one that unfortunately many online programs skip for expediency sake. The resource book, Introduction to Type® is considered the best single source guide to the MBTI®. This recently revised 40-page guide to understanding the MBTI® is an essential tool in the ethical and professional use of the instrument. This soft cover book will be delivered to your address of record within 7-10 days of your registration, Australian postage included.

3) Career Pathfinder for Young Australians™ (CPFYA™): Career Pathfinder's unique online tutorial program is unlike any other! We have developed a program of digital lessons which enable teens to learn at their own pace. During our live seminars, we listened to what teens wanted, and learned that they were keenly interested in the self-discovery process we offer, but they also demanded the content to be delivered the way they wanted it -- online. So we've completely revamped our offerings and introduced CPFYA™.

The idea behind CPFYA™ and the live seminar program that preceded it, is that the assessments alone are simply not enough. We can provide outstanding and effective content, but if a child fails to engage, then no learning takes place. In the classroom, we know that no matter how well reserached the curriculim, no matter how experienced and passionate the teacher, the child needs to be ‘present’ in order to benefit. The same is true of the career discovery process.

Real learning requires more than a commitment to “listen to what they have to say,” it requires a commitment to actively participate in the process. We figured that if we wanted young people to listen to our message, then we at Career Pathfinder needed to deliver the content in a way that they want it. Our product has been entirely redesigned for young Australians, for an anytime, anywhere delivery!

  A Special Message to Parents of Teens
To: Parents

From: Sean McElligott, Founder Career Pathfinder


I'm not sure how you found us, but I am certainly glad you're here.

You might have followed a link of some kind because you are concerned about the poor choices your child may be making regarding his or her career or studies, or you are frustrated with the lack of interest or commitment from your teen about life after high school? Maybe your child heard about our program from his or her career counsellor, or you heard about us through an online or offline news source? Perhaps you are simply trying to provide your child the tools needed to help discover a satisfying and rewarding career, and you found us through an online search?

Again, however you came to find us, we're glad you are taking a proactive approach to addressing your teen's career discovery process, and hope to soon convince you that the our program can deliver all we say that it can.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. You've probably received heaps of "free" career counselling from people who claim to have all the answers for your child's future. A newspaper article here, a television news report, friendly advice from a grandparent -- "The Hot Careers of the New Century," "High Demand Professions," or "Guaranteed Success in Careers" are one size fits all appoaches to career discovery, and quite honestly they represent the worst of what is marketed as career counselling.

In counseling teens, I frequently hear that what is driving young people's career choice decisions are things like job title, salary, and benefits, too often with little or no understanding of what that career looks like in terms of day to day activities and interactions. Although these factors may indeed have some relevance -- what should drive career decisions are facets of an individual's personality that are unique to each of us. Discovering those hidden elements of our personalities, and using them to make decisions, is the true "secret" to career satisfaction. I don't claim to be the guru of careers. I've held nearly a dozen jobs in my life, and in hindsight, more than not have been mistakes, but the assessments on which we've based our product have had a profound impact on my life, and I passionately believe they can have the same impact on your child.

I can assure you that if your child remains open-minded he or she will gain a self-confidence that comes from greater self-awareness and acceptance of the fact that we all bring unique and valuable gifts to the table.

Although this program won't be ideal for everyone, I invite you to read further and ask questions if necessary, to decide for yourself whether this program is right for your child. In explaining why this program works, I am going to present the fundamentals on which our program is based. When you learn about the building blocks of our program, you'll discover that this program is unlike any other you may have found in Australia. And hopefully, you'll understand why this approach makes more sense than any of the more traditional approaches to career discovery you may have encountered.
  So, Why Us?

Perhaps I should backtrack a bit. As I mentioned, I have a few career blunders in my life. I'm sure I'm not unique in that respect. Like most people, I haven't always had all the answers when it comes to my own career development.

Almost fifteen years ago, I was first exposed to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. The details of the career journey that followed are nto important, but I will say that the impact has been deep, profound, and lasting. After taking the MBTI®, I went back to Uni (this time with a clear purpose) and learned top marks in the Univeristy of Southern California (USC's) MBA Program that was ranked in the Top Ten Executive MBA Programs worldwide. I re-ignited my passion for work while collaborating with a small hi-tech company, but eventually decided to pursue some new opportunities that brought me to Australia. While I had enjoyed some financial success before I experienced the MBTI®, the successes I've enjoyed since have been immeasurably more rewarding -- financially, personally, professionally, intellectually, creatively . . . really on any level I can imagine.

So after enjoying all of this "good luck," and feeling reasonably secure in my life, I figured I was ready for yet another (fun) challenge, that could hopefully make a real difference in the lives of Australian children, my nine year-old twins included! This journey has been an amazing one, and I'm excited about finally being able to realise this dream.

Our original concept was quite dfferent from this program offered today. We were well on our way, developing and testing a fantastic program of face-to-face live seminars, when we learned that a significant segment of our target audience wants, and responds well to, online content. So, we completely revamped our offerings and introduced CPFYA™ (Career Pathfinder for Young Australians). Our product has been entirely redesigned for an anytime, anywhere delivery!

We've a unique product, and we are passionate about making a difference in the lives of young Australians!

Why Now?

I know I can't regain the "wasted years" I spent in unrewarding, unsatisfying careers, but I wholeheartedly believe that Career Pathfinder™ can make a difference to those whose lives we are able to touch. After reading my story, or perhaps reflecting on your own past, you might be asking yourself,

"I never had a plan, and I turned out alright. What's wrong with the 'learn from your mistakes' approach to career discovery?"

"My child's high school has a career guidance program, why aren't THEY teaching this?"

"The Program sounds like it has a good foundation, but this program sounds like something better suited to a person who has had more life experience. I'm not even sure my child's adult personality has even been formed yet."


There are many reasons why the "learn from your mistakes" approach that worked for me and perhaps you, no longer work in our changing economy. The simple fact is, recent events have convinced more people than ever that the rules of how we work, the rules of a more global, less local economy, and the rules of how rapidly we must respond to change have changed enormously -- these changes are fundamental shifts. Almost without exception, economists agree that it is highly unlikely that these trends will ever "return to normal," or that the changes will slow down. Those who fail to have a plan that adapts to change WILL be left behind, and they may not be able to recover.

"The government should be providing this content?" "Why aren't the schools doing their jobs?" When parents hear this information, they often get more than a little angry. Angry with the government for not offering protections to our domestic economy and our domestic workforce, angry at the schools for not teaching kids what they need to know to get ahead, or simply angry that we seem to be entering a time when our children are forced to grow up too fast. While anger is a a great motivator, anger without action is a waste of energy.

Rather than lament the sad state of affairs, we encourage parents to take action. And despite all of this "bad news," we are NOT pessimistic about the future; we see abundant possibilities for those who are prepared for change, and we also strongly believe that schools are doing an excellent job with their limited resources. As my parents believed and taught me, (our) children deserve the best head start we can give them. We can not protect them from every roadblock that is put in front of them, but we certainly can give them tools which will help them navigate their course.

Whether or not your child has fully developed the skills and interests he or she will take into adulthood is open to debate, but the scientific studies shows that our personality type is something we are born with, and it does not change over time. This is what makes the application of personality type such an effective indicator of career styles. As we go through our lives, different aspects of our personality type influence our behaviours and interests, but our core personality type, the ample evidence proves that our core personality type remains unchanged.

If our personalities are developed at an early age, then the question we should be asking ourselves is, "why not now?" Why not begin the career exploration process before your child gets caught up in a course of study that may not lead to the most satisfying career? Why not begin, before your child becomes frustrated and abandons her education, or simply fails to apply herself?

Why not act now?

I won't claim that Career Pathfinder™ has the only solution, but we do have a solution that is like no other in the market. A solution that puts all of the information and resources you and your child will need in one place. Our product is an easy-to-follow, easy-to-implement, easy-to-see-results program that WILL make a difference in the life of your child, providing he or she approaches this task with an open mind, and a commitment to put in the required effort.

But How Much Does All of this Cost?
Our Program costs a lot less than you might imagine, especially when you consider all your child will recieve!

The first building block of our Program is the 6-pageMyers-Briggs Type Indicator® Interpretive Report – Not to be confused with the 2-Page MBTI® Profile Report – this report offers a detailed analysis of your child's personality type. It also explains where your child fits among the 16 types. The report suggests your child's four-letter Myers-Briggs type and what it means for career exploration, career development, communication, decision making, relationships, and more.

The next building block is the 22-23 page Strong Interest Inventory® and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Career Report with Strong Profile Report. This is a powerful tool that can help your teen make satisfying decisions about both careers and education. Whether your child is just starting to think about a career, or has some career ideas in place, he or she can benefit from the wealth of information reflected in the Strong results.

The final building block is a great 'Type' resource book, Introduction to Type®. This recently revised 40-page guide to understanding MBTI® results is an essential tool in the ethical and professional use of the instrument. The booklet carefully and fully describes psychological type theory, the process of comparing 'reported' and 'self-estimated' type and how a client might verify and clarify 'best-fit' type. Your child will use this invaluable resource to better understand the nuances of 'Type,' and become confident about the accuracy of his or her reported results. Verification of Type is an absolutely critical step in understanding MBTI® results, and one that unfortunately many online programs skip for expediency sake. This book will be delivered to your address of record within 7-10 days of your registration, Australian postage included.

But, as they say in those infomercials, there's more . . .

  Free Bonus Gift Number 1:
Personality Type Careeer & Life Planning Profiles
Your child will love this bonus because it builds upon the information gained through the MBTI® and Stong Reports®, and provides some real 'aha moments' for anyone committed to this process. Understanding that there are many careers in many different industries which provide 'fit' for your child, helps support one of the fundamental principles of Personality Type. Type is used NOT to tell young people what they cannot achieve, but when used appropriately, exposes them to the wide range of diverse career choices which are likely to provide more rewarding career choices.

Developed by internationally recognised, best selling authors and career exploration experts, Paul D. Tieger and Barbara Barron, this 3-Page Bonus Report offers and insightful and accurate personality type description and contains:

More than 50 potentially satisfying career;
Work related strengths and weaknesses (or if you wish, personality type ‘challenges’);
Key criteria for true career satisfaction; and
Practical tips for implementing effective job searches
Paul Tieger and Barbara Barron-Tieger

Available in Australia at Scribe Publications
In their bestseller, the Tiegers manage to break down Carl Jung's complex Theory of Personality Type, and present it in a an easy-to-read, easy-to-use fashion. They explain why the classic career counseling model of finding one's life work, based upon values, interests, and skills, is a flawed strategy.

Developed by the Tiegers, these reports illustrate how the diversity within a Type allows for a huge variety of career choices, by describing characters in different stages of life development. They then go on to explain what is common to these seemingly unrelated career choices, and why these choices work for a particular type.

  Free Bonus Gift Number 2:
Phone/Web Consultation with Career Coach

While we believe our program follows an easy-to-follow process that many young people can complete on their own, we recognise that sometimes the information all starts getting a bit jumbled. Not to worry, we’re here to catch your child before he or she falls . . . or at the very least, help them to get back up, and set them back on course.

Our career coaches won't draft letters of interest, or review a c.v. – your child will need to those things. However, we are more than happy to provide clarification about the tools themselves, and an explanation of how they can be used appropriately and effectively. We expect to answer your child's questions and provide further clarifications for as long as he or she (or you?) need us. With that said we do reserve the right to pull this service if we feel your child is not putting in the required effort.

The bottom line though, is that we want your child to succeed, be happy with our products and services, and recommend them to his or her friends -- so any reasonable consultation your child requires will be provided free of charge!

  Free Bonus Gift Number 3:
Career Pathfinder Member's Room (8-Lesson, 2-Month Trial)
In response to client feedback, we have developed what we believe is an amazing resource that makes our program truly unique.

As part of our program, clients will receive an eight lessons/2-month trial membership to CPFYA™ (Career Pathfinder for Young Australians)!. Our goal however is to provide 52-weekly very targeted eLessons, which help young people navigate the portions of the process which they struggle with most. A small fee, yet to be determined, will be charged for extended membership, but this service will be entirely optional. In addition, to the weekly eLessons (formatted for student's busy lives, with twenty minutes to review, sixty minutes to complete), all members will have access to a bi-monthly webinar, where they will be able to log-in with questions and/or program feedback. Not only will your child be able to have his or her own issues addressed, but he or she will also learn from the questions posted from other program participants. The setting will be be anonymous, so that candid and honest participation is encouraged.

By now you are probably asking . . .

"Okay Sean, It sounds like this is an amazing program, and you've backed it up with a lot of great scientific analysis, but I'm not made of money, how much is this going to cost?

You've waited long enough . . . the price of our Program is, we believe, a VERY affordable $239.

While not a trivial amount, in terms of what you are typically spend on your child, the cost is:
LESS THAN the cost of school band for a year -- NOT including trumpet hire, private tutoring, and excursion costs
LESS THAN the cost of one soccer season -- without the soccer boots, and travel to and from the games
LESS THAN a year's worth of school uniforms
FAR LESS THAN the new surfboard your child used for just one summer
LESS THAN the iPOD, Nintendo DS, or perhaps the mobile that your child 'misplaced'
LESS THAN the cost of the clothes, hair, tickets, and transportation to your child's school formal
LESS THAN . . . Okay, you probably get the idea!

We believe our product is easily worth up to $700 (see table below), however our goal has never been to simply maximise profits. It is to make this product accessible and affordable for as many Young Australians as possible!

What you get:
6-Page MBTI® Interpretive Report$95 - $139 [1]
22-23 Page Strong Interest Inventory® and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Career Report with Strong Profile$119 - 169 [2]
40-Page Introduction to Type® (incl. Australian Postage)$34 [3]

Plus You get:
Free Bonus Gift Number 1: Personality Type Careeer & Life Planning Profiles$24 [4]
Free Bonus Gift Number 2: Phone/Web Consultation with Career Coach$100/hour [5]
Free Bonus Gift Number 3: Career Pathfinder™ Member's Room (8-Lesson Trial) $240 [6]
Complete Package$612-706+
COMPLETE Career Pathfinder™ Program Price$239
You Save$373 or more!

Register Now!

While our market research says that we could probably charge more for our product, our goal has always been to develop a product that we are proud of and that will make a difference. We’ve come up with this variation of our off-line product, and we are offering it at a price that’s good 'value for money' to you and your child, and at a price that we believe can sustain our business. After participating in our program, I'm confident that when you see the impact this has on your child's life, you'll agree that this will have been the best $239 you've ever spent on your child!


I could continue on and on and on with this subject, but I need to bring this to a close. I've presented my arguments for taking action in the most sincere and honest way I can.

If you are intrigued and still not entirely convinced, I respect your perspective, but please, give me one more chance to convince you. Call me (my private mobile: 0405 159 041) and let me know your cocnerns. I know that we can help your child discover a more satisfying and rewarding future, and I believe there is ample evidence that supports the the fundamental building blocks of our Program. If you still have questions or concerns, let me address them!

I encourage you; take action today.

When you ARE ready to proceed . . . after you are 100% convinced that we can provide the benefits, we've made registration easy. Just click on the order now button and follow the prompts. Usually within a few hours, your child will be able to get started.

Warm Regards,

Sean McElligott
Founder Career Pathfinder™

Register Now!

[1] Not to be confused with the 2-Page Profile Report most often sold in Australia from $79. The Profile Report offers insight, but provides a brief personality profile only with no information specifically addressing careers, or career discovery.

[2] Strong Interest Inventory® Reports are difficult to source in Australia. Some schools offer them as part of their careers counseling programs, but no many.

[3] We have found copies offered online for as much as $50 here in Australia. Not available in any of the major bookstores.

[4] Not found in Australia.

[5] We've used an hour in our calculations here, but our consultation commitment is, as much time as your child needs until he or she is clear on how to effectively use the tools.

[6] Program includes (8) twenty-forty minute eLessons, plus a two-month trial of valuable links and external resources, bi-monthly webinars (plus archival access), FAQ, and Member's Only Forum.